Friday, September 19, 2003

Market Media

Got a book you are longing to write?
Written a book and you want it edited?
Your book is ready and you want it agented?
We assess your manuscript, get it ready for the world or send it out into the world.
Common mistakes when writing a novel:-
1. Either no conflict or it starts in Chapter three and the rest is backfill.
2. Poor plotting...the story rambles
3. Weak characterisation...readers don't bond.
4. Motivations of characters unclear so they are shallow people.
5. No sense of pacing - the book is too slow
6. No hook to grab the reader/editor
7. Writer tells the story instead of letting the characters show the story happening.
8. Unrealistic dialogue
9. Unrealistic situations
10 Shallow writing without layering the density of the plot, characters & conflicts.

Effective editing can bring your story alive and make it readable and saleable to the right markets.

Let us put you on track to sell your book.

Our assessments show you where your talents lay and how to build on your weaknesses.
Ask us about our free trial. dyoz@ozemail.com.au for a fast reply.

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